Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Cards Giveaway from His & Hers!

A very long while back, I posted about my TBF List. Never heard of one? Well, it stands for To Be Finished. Mine's quite long, but not nearly as long as my To Start List - which probably shouldn't be so long, considering I haven't finished some things I've started.

On this ever-growing-mostly-thanks-to-the-million-creative-blogs To Start List, is Make a stash of homemade cards. for the following reasons:
  1. As adorable as some Hallmark cards are, $4-5 isn't in my budget. They're so incredibly marked up.
  2. Stash-busting: my scrapbook paper/embellishment stash is nearly out of hand.
  3. I love handmade cards: making, giving, getting. The whole shabang.
  4. I never have a card on hand for the occasion. (I did make a load of thank you cards for my friend as a baby shower gift a few months ago.)
  5. I want to write more thank-you notes for every day appreciation I have for others. (I'll post on this more, later.)

That all being said, this morning while visiting one of my favorite bloggers, the hilarious and very talented Erin at His & Hers, I saw this post. It was a great reminder and inspiration for me to get a stash of handmade cards made. I know if I sit down and do it, it won't take too long! Plus, I love making them. She's giving the 4 below away to a reader, so go check them out!

She is such a sweet person and her posts make me laugh every time. I'm 99% sure we'd be friends in real life. (Hopefully, she doesn't find that idea too stalker-ish.)


  1. Awww...you're too sweet! And it's not stalker-ish at all. We can at least be friends in real blog life, anyway. :)

    One of my reasons for making them was ALSO because my scrapbook supply is out.of.control. I was like....I bought these embellishments and ginormous "value packs" of paper because...?!

    Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  2. P.S. I'm making that strawberry stuffed french toast tonight. I just finished making the bread in our bread machine. Fingers crossed that the rest doesn't turn into Erin's 487th kitchen disaster. :)


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