Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Coaster Tiles [Pinterest Challenge Summer 2011]

Stopped pinning and made:

It was only last week that I joined Pinterest, but I fell fast and am so in love with it. Seriously though, I don't know what took me so long. Anyways, I could gush for a while, but I'll jump right into the project I chose to accomplish for:

I was so excited to see other bloggers' posts for this challenge, including the four who initiated the challenge: Sherry from Young House Love, Katie from Bower Power, Emily from Style by Emily Henderson and Lana from Making a House a Home. There is also a different link party on any of the previously mentioned sites for anyone who participated in this stop pinning and make it challenge.

Here's the pin I used for my challenge:

Suuuuuuper simple and sooooo inexpensive. No exaggeration. Read on.

All you need:
  1. mod podge
  2. paper (your stash is waiting to be busted)
  3. 4x4 inch tiles (Home Depot for 16 pennies each!)
  4. felt (optional, if you want to protect whatever the coasters will sit on)
  5. glue gun or heavy duty sticker - like 3M products (only necessary if you are using felt on the bottom)

Cut paper of your choice to fit your tiles. I cut mine 4 1/8 inch by 4 1/8 inch because I wanted the paper right up to the edge of the tile. Then, mod podge the paper onto the tile, making sure to get it nice and smooth. Let dry. Give it a second coating if you wish.

Finally, an optional, but finishing touch to complete the coasters, is adding felt to the bottom of the tiles. To do so, just cut a 4x4 inch square of felt and attach.

I couldn't help but buy 12 tiles, so I made two sets of 6. Not quite sure which one I like more, but I think one set may become part of a wedding gift for one of the two weddings I am attending in the next month.

So, there it is, my first Pinterest Project. I'm hoping to stay motivated to make/do more of the inspiration I pin. What does one do with a pin once it has been created? Do I delete it from my board? If it were a cork board, I guess I would probably take it down...Thoughts?


  1. Love these, I bought a few coasters of etsy a few yrs ago like this and have been meaning to make my own, pretty paper too!

  2. AHH! We are Pinterest challenge twins!! : ) I think I like these better though!! Nice!! : )

  3. So cute! Perfect way to bust that paper stash. I have some larger tiles hanging around (don't ask me why...)that I might try something similar with. :)

  4. These turned out great!! I think I'm going to add this to my list! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello party.

  5. so pretty. i love the paper patterns you chose. these would make great gifts.

  6. I am going to try this and when I do, I will share!! SO excited!

  7. Oh my gosh - I just got the greatest idea thanks to you!! Would I be able to glue a painted candle stick to the bottom of these to make a super cute cupcake stand????

  8. I'm kinda obsessed with tile coasters too! Here's a couple I've done, and I'm currently working on another set!


    I think I might have to look into doing some pinterest challenge stuff myself!

  9. Wow, I love these! Great gift idea -- this is now officially on my to-do for the upcoming holiday season!

  10. Hello,
    I really must say that your coasters came out amazing.. you did such a great job! I hope it's okay, I just couldn't resist featuring them on my new blog here:


    Thank you so much for sharing :0)

  11. Love these tiles. They are all in wonderful appealing colors. I will try to do this for my kids rooms. Thanks for sharing this ideas.


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