Friday, August 5, 2011

Window Shopping: Anthropologie

A few weekends ago, I was able to visit my good friends in Portland and we went to Sand in the City. It was lots of fun. We stayed in the Pearl District and so Michelle, Jo, Steph and I went window shopping inside of Anthropologie. All photo credit goes to Michelle, as she was in charge of the camera. Read on and enjoy a little inspiration from Anthro!

Starting off with one of my favorite photos Michelle took, that I think looks like it should be in their catalog or on their website.

This ceramic berry crate was probably my favorite thing I saw there. I just couldn't quite buy one for $14 and not know when/what for I would use it exactly. It's still on my radar. I simply love it.

A close second is this awesome ceramic egg carton. I really want one of these, too. So pretty!

Look closely and you can see the markings for measuring cups, awesomely disguised as old milk containers.

I was quite drawn to this pitcher. It reminds me of my grandmother for some reason. I love the texture and color.

Okay. Has anyone ever bought one of these candles? I thought the blue container was pretty, so I nonchalantly smelled it. And then smelled it again and again and again. I can say it may be the the best smelling candle I've ever sniffed.

The sweet toothed baker inside me couldn't help but love these painted wooden spoons. Plus, I loved how Anthropologie had them displayed: in a real sack of flour, which had spilled about, on the floor.

This is the inside view of what you would see from the window facing the street. Beautiful! I've been brainstorming how to replicate something like this...

And finally, from a cover of a book, an awesome quote. Michelle loved this too. She actually featured it on a post here. It could easily be a printable.

Where is your favorite place to window shop?


  1. That IS an awesome quote! It's sooooo true...if at the end of my life all I can say is, "Well, I have a pretty house..." I have totally screwed up. Thanks for sharing that. AND I also like that ceramic berry container. (You could always take it with you to pick your berries, right?) ;)

  2. I love Anthropologie! I wish it wasn't so expensive. Someday when I'm rich and famous, I will own almost everything from that store, both clothes and home accessories. :o)

  3. i love those spoons!!! thanks for sharing this at my tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you again this week!

  4. Found your blog through tip-toe thru tuesday blog hop
    Following! :)
    I love Anthropologie, I would go crazy in that store.
    One of my favorite places to window shop is baby gap, ahhhh, I love their kid's clothes but there's no way in heck I'm spending that much on clothes! lol


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