Friday, August 26, 2011

Because There Are So Many Reasons

It has taken me far too long to get this anniversary gift to my awesome friends, Steve and Michelle, as their 3 year anniversary was at the beginning of the month. But that means, I also couldn't blog about it without Michelle knowing what it was, since she reads my posts most of the time. I did show off my uber simplistic wrap job yesterday. And now, for the gift reveal....

[Anyone have any tips on photographing frames without getting the glare? Those are my kitchen cabinets in the background. Grrr.]

We saw this idea at Crafty Wonderland last winter. Since then, I feel like I've seen it here and there around the blogosphere, as well as here on etsy.

I have kept it in mind to give to her as a gift because we were both in love with it and it really is just so sweet. Not to mention supremely easy to make one of your own. I even printed a few different fonts and colors to allow changing for mood/seasons. In fact, I have plans to make one more, maybe two for a couple different weddings that are coming up.

All you need to do is:

1. Find a frame.
2. Pick your favorite font and type the words as you want them to appear.
3. Print.
4. Hang.
5. Keep a dry erase marker handy.
6. Make family members' days by filling in the endless amounts of reasons you love them.

How great would this be to have near the most used door in your home to greet or send off family members each day?


  1. This is a sweet idea. I love it. It's simple, yet speaks volume! Great job ;)


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