Monday, August 29, 2011

Ellie's Surprise Almost Birthday [for Addie's Sake]

Last Friday, my niece Addison invited Ellie and Olivia over to play, go to the pool and keep her company during the hot trek through the art vendors at the Northwest Art & Air Show. Technically, this has been a pre-determined play date since Ellie lives far too far away for Addie's liking, but that is besides the point. Here's how it went down.

The Waters girls arrived late morning and headed straight to the local outdoor pool, for toddler swim, where no big kids are allowed, in order to maximize uninterrupted play time. It was a blast. Addie showed Ellie how to "swim" and Ellie was kind enough not to tell her that her technique is a bit off.

Then, upon return to Addie's house for some mac 'n cheese, all babies took a nap. After waking up, Addison threw Ellie a surprise-almost-birthday party because she won't be able to make it to Ellie's real birthday party in a few weekends.

Yes, Addie is "helping" Ellie open her present.

Then, we ate a delicious Bacon Ranch Cheese Pull Apart before heading to the Art & Air Festival. Despite being 7:00 in the evening, it was quite hot, so we made our way through the artists fairly quickly and got charactertures of the girls. 

Ellie and Olivia were little ballerinas (as shown above) and Addison was a mermaid. Such a fun filled day, which lead to a super good night sleep.


  1. O I love these! Especially the top one. I will definitely need copies for Ellie's scrapbook. And I'm glad your pictures of the birthday party make Ellie look a little happier about it. :-) Lol.


  2. Ellie and Addie are SO adorable! Of course, Olivia is too! I love this post and the pictures. :o)


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