Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Very Own Handmade Wallet Clutch Thing

The wallet clutch thing you see below came about for two main reasons:
1) I haven't sewn anything for myself, ever. Not that I have been sewing for long, but I've only ever sewn gifts.
2) I needed a new wallet, since my duck tape one - gift to me from my littlest sister - was falling apart. I figured those were good enough excuses to sew this up.

I fell in love with this Moda Hometown by Sweetwater fabric during a trip to Fabric Depot. Then, I saw it again at Craft World and thought it would make the perfect little wallet. So, wallet clutch thingy came about based on a Checkbook Cover pattern from Amy Butler's Style Stitches.

I added the credit card slots to the bottom pocket, since the original pattern didn't have any. In the next day or two, I plan on showing a little tutorial on how I did it, so stay tuned.

My absolute favorite part of this wallet is the text print. All the cities near and dear to my heart are here: Boise/Idaho Falls, very near to where I was born - Portland, where I went to college - Northern California cities, right around where one of my closest friends is from - Baton Rouge, where my other close friend is living. Good stuff.

Well, what do you think? Have you sewn yourself anything or do you sew so many gifts you forget about yourself?

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is too cute! I'm trying to wrap my brain around how to make something like this. Yours looks professional. :)

  2. This turned out so great!


  3. Love your wallet! It's amazing! Checking over from frugaliciousme!

  4. This is SO cute!! You are incredibly talented! :o)

  5. WOW!!! What a fabulous wallet. Very clever to add the credit card slots.

  6. This is so cute! Really well done...I'm impressed! I need a new wallet but haven't even thought of sewing myself one. I think I would if it would turn out like yours did! Great fabric, great pattern. Would you share it here?

  7. I L.O.V.E. it!! What a great job. I haven't tried a sewing project htat in depth yet, but I will have to very soon. I tend to make things to keep, and gift. :)

  8. this is great! I love this fabric - I am from San Leandro, the city right next to Oakland! I have some charm packs and look forward to making my next quilt!

  9. Wow! that's looks amazing! are you going to have a tutorial for it?
    I'm a new follower! i'd love if you'd follow me back!

  10. That is a great wallet! I made one for me using a different tutorial a couple months ago and I love love love it. Yours is super cute.

  11. This wallet is amazing!! I love the fabric too!! I haven't sewn anything for anyone or myself in a while...I have been learning how to knit LOL. I have projects that I've sewn on my blog. Stop by when you have a moment.

    Stopping by from T&J's linky party. This is what I shared this week:

  12. Super cute, love your choice of fabric.
    Wish you a good day!

  13. I love this wallet. Very well done!

    Did you make your own pattern or did you use a pattern that could be found online?
    This wallet just looks so perfect that I would like to make one myself. Could you let me know about the pattern?

  14. Oh this is gorgeous!! I would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  15. wow! I am so impressed. That is a lot of hard work. and it turned out so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to our party Show and Share. Make sure to come back this week and link up your latest projects. We would love to see them.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  16. OMG!
    You're really good at sewing by hand!
    You'd think it was on the machine:)
    It is really nice!

    - Heidi

  17. You are talented! I love it! I'm a new follower too, so stop by and visit and follow too if you like. Happy New Year

  18. Fantastic. I LOVE IT. Can you send me a pattern? My email -

  19. I would love if you could send me a pattern for this wallet, it is so cute.
    Thanks. My email is

  20. Wow it is really cute, and really well done as far as I can see. I wish I can sew. My math skills are so bad I am intimidated by patterns and measurements!



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