Friday, October 14, 2011

Window Antiquing

A few weeks ago, I saw a link to Stuck on Gray and realized she (the blogger) is local. Really, really local. Like, she sells things in the local antique mall. I had never been in the antique mall. Why, you ask? Well, until over a year ago, my crafty creativeness really never got a chance. My plate was piled high with college and work. Upon graduation, my incredibly talented friend Michelle started sewing, again. I became very interested and well, the craft side of my brain erupted. It was so exciting creating things and I loved seeing new life in old things, too. So, jumping off that tangent, back onto answering why I had never been into the antique mall in the town I have lived in for 19 years of my life. Well, I never thought I liked anything antique. Didn't that just mean old?

Turns out, I do like some antique things. Not all of it, but some. And getting back to Stuck on Gray, here are a few of her awesome creations in the antique mall I went window shopping in a few days ago. First up, I just adore this director's chair in robin's egg blue and cream linen.

I think these wood signs are so pretty, too.

I'm a sucker for kitchen appliances, brand spanking new or antique. I hold no judgment. I just love this scale she had in her booth.

Moving out of her booth and into another I found to be full of awesome antique kitchen appliances. My favorite thing in the entire two story mall, was the aqua manual egg beater on the right.


If I had endless storage space and all the children in the world had full tummies every night (i.e. I could justify spending money on what I don't actually need), I would have a huge collection of matching pitchers and tumblers or really any sort of glassware. I just love it.

Probably my favorite display in the whole place - this lady's booth was beautiful. I really would just like to transport that entire hutch into my kitchen. I love love love the colors.

Oh, I saw this retro baby walker and had to snap a quick pic of it. Boy, have baby walkers sure come a long way. (Apologies for the picture blurriness here. All photos in this post were taken with my phone.)

Well, there you have it. A little virtual antique window shopping. Is that an oxymoron? Virtual antique?

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  1. I just ran into your site and was jumping about and love, love, love your antique shopping pics...was a lot of fun to go with you on your shopping trip! My mom and I used to do this together. She passed 2 years ago and you brought back good memories.

  2. This is the exact type of baby walker I wish were on the market today.


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