Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Happy Life

I have been oddly busy this week. Not a planned busy, but more of a spur of the moment busy week. For example, Tuesday, I ended up being a stand-in on a mini 24 hour vacation my dad took my littlest sister on because her friend was unable to go at the last minute. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge for the night and rode our little hearts out on the awesome indoor pool slides. It was a sweet little escape from work. That took up the better parts of Tuesday and Wednesday. Then today, I watched my little sis's first volleyball games in a neighboring town, before spending lots of time scoping out killer deals on books at Borders. They are having their liquidation sale, if you haven't heard.  Ours was at 60-80% off!

I ended up coming home with all those books for a killer price. With every intent on posting a couple things with a little more content on this blog tonight, I ended up having a great conversation with my incredible friend Cara for a wonderfully long while. Coincidentally, I came across this beautiful little saying, prettified in a graphic. I just love it and totally take it to heart.


I love reminders to live in the here and now, not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Living each and every day to its fullest, not waiting for anyone or anything else to make me happy, but just being happy where I are now is so important to me. There is no reason to waste one single second of the precious life I have been given being anything but happy.

I usually save things like this I find for my Speechless Sundays, but I couldn't wait til Sunday to share this one, as it really fits my mood tonight. Nor is this a speechless post, obviously.

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  1. Love that sign! Sounds like you had a great time with your family. :)


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