Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabric Crushes

You could lock me up in a fabric shop and I wouldn't sleep, but stay up all night looking through and planning things to do with the fabric. I just love looking at and touching it. One of the very first posts on this blog was Fabric: The. Best. Thing. Ever. Seriously though. I get super excited when I find a new place to peruse. This happened just recently, and I bought a few new pieces, and also took some pictures of prints I wanted to buy, but instead will just have to share. (The stuff I brought should show up in a few projects soon enough!)

I really really love this color scheme. Plus, I'm super drawn to anything map and travel related.

How bout this one? The colors and the characters are just perfect.

Okay, so I have to share something I actually bought. I can't wait to turn it into something for Christmas!

What do you get far too excited over? Stamps? Paper? Fabric, too? :)


  1. Those prints are adorable!! Too bad I couldn't make anything with them. I completely lack talent in sewing/craft.

  2. That deep sea fabric is amazing! I can never find pretty fabric for boys :(


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