Saturday, July 2, 2011

And So Began, Her Love Affair, With Water

I love Brad Paisley's song, "Water." Check it out if you've never heard it. Great summer anthem.

Inflatable pool, full of dad's hot hair
I was three years old, splashin' everywhere
And so began, my love affair, with water...

That is definitely my niece. She is three years old and loves the water - although her love affair technically started when she was 2, maybe even younger. See?

This is one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken! You may see this pop up on a Speechless Sunday sometime this summer. :)

Today, it was finally hot enough to blow up her inflatable pool she got at her birthday party from her Nonni and play!

Testing out the cold water straight from the hose...

...and getting a wedgie.

Sunshine just makes my day. Can't wait to have many more splashy, sunshiney days and as the song goes, drive until the map turns blue!

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