Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiny Watermelon Obsession

And by tiny, I mean ginormous. And instead of obsession, I'll opt for inspiration. For some reason, I can't get enough of the super cute watermelon creativity all over.

You may recall the post where I made these mini cupcakes. Check out this flickr pic of so many more insanely cute watermelon cupcakes. Oh, the possibilities!

I considered making cookies in the same fashion, but decided dying dough green and more frosting pink would probably be an overdose on my ingestion quota of the super healthy food color dyes. ;)

Instead, I made these watermelon cake pops. First cake pop try ever!

I saw awesome watermelon waffles from Kelli at Random Thoughts of a Supermom. And had to make my own (for dinner of course) while my friend Jo was visiting!

And for a little more inspiration from around the web...

Wilton never disappoints, with this "less frosting is more" version of a watermelon cake.

And, a twist on the idea of watermelon cupcakes, except that they are not cake, but actual watermelon in cupcake liners, courtesy of Alexis from Jaco'lyn Murphy.

Photo credit: Alexis at Jaco'lyn Murphy

Super adorable summer time treat: sherbert stuffed limes made by Katie at This Chick Cooks.

Photo credit: Kaite at This Chick Cooks

Oh geez. I'll stop soon. Promise. But first, check out this watermelon lemonade from one of my favorite bloggers, Alison at Oopsy Daisy! I wish I had super cute stemware to make it look awesomely watermelony. Mmmm!

Photo credit: Allison at Oopsey Daisy
If you simply can't wait to carve pumpkins, try this: watermelon carving! Rachel shows you how to step by step on her blog, Sun Scholars. I can only imagine what a hit this would be at your next potluck. Doesn't look too hard either.

Photo credit: Rachel at Sun Scholars

And stepping away from food, look at this adorable watermelon wreath from Mel at The Crafty Scientist! I absolutely love her blog. It is so helpful and super well organized. Plus, she started her blog about the same time I did and is a PhD student. She's quite amazing!

Photo credit: Mel at The Crafty Scientist

I can't believe how uhhhhdorable this watermelon skirt is! She posted a tutorial, too! Yippee! (The photo below has pins in the seeds still. It was the only one that didn't have her little girl in it. Go check it out to see the full skirt in action on her cute little model!)

Photo credit: Rachel at Sun Scholars

Too cute! Okay, I'll be done. Go ahead and share a link in a comment if you have watermelon inspiration to share! I want to see!


  1. Ah! I'll take 2 of each food, thanks. :) The only watermelon I have sitting around is the bowl of old rinds that I need to take out to the compost. And unfortunately that's more inspirational for the fruit flies than it is for me...

  2. Mallory,
    Thanks so much for featuring my watermelon cupcakes! You made my day :)

  3. Thanks for the feature Mallory! I'm off to tweet a link to this post--great inspiration! :)

  4. OMG! Thank you SOOOO much! This is so crazy sweet and I really appreciate that you emailed me to tell me! I'm loving your blog and can't wait to look around more! : )

  5. glad to know that i'm not the only one! watermelon screams summer!! and i love mel's watermelon wreath. i think that i featured it too!! thanks so much for linking all these fun ideas up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you again this week!

    ps. i'm doing a guest post at another blog next week with a watermelon themed item. email me if you want me info!


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