Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have You Tried Instagram?

Bear with me for a minute while I geek out here. My friend Stephanie told me to try the (free!) iPhone app, Instagram. I'm not sure if it translates to Android phones or not. I'm sure there is something similar.

I just love the ease of this app. You can take a picture with it or pull one from your Camera Roll on your iPhone and then choose a filter, which is the best part! They have 15 different filters, most of which are somewhat descriptive of what the filter is, for example, "1977" really makes the photo look like it was in a box stored from 1977. My favorite filter is "Earlybird." Here are a few of my most recent filtered photos:

I love how retro this picture looks!

Sweet little ballerina. Again, she is 3 years old, born in 2008 - not the 70's.

Precious Happy Olivia

My feet in the field, farm girl at heart.

Now I realize I should have done before and after to show off Instagram's coolness. It's free, so give it a try because it can give little camera phone pics some ooomph.


  1. These pictures are awesome!! I will definitely have to try Instagram!

  2. Love the feet picture. I would love for you to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home today and link up your photos and any other projects you would like to share. Happy Monday!!


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