Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Welp, I realized I have a couple of projects I meant to blog about before I left to backpack through Peru over 2 months ago. Both of them were to go along with the posts regarding the baby shower I helped plan. (Shower Invites, Itty Bitty Baby Booties, Baby Olivia Herself) Geesh! Better late than never I believe. Plus, who doesn't love easy, cute, DIY gifts?

Handmade cards are the greatest and boy, do I love to receive them, especially in the mail! My friend, Michelle, is the queen of homemade cards. She never buys cards. Check out her Valentine's day cards (as well as others) here. Her and I have discussed how frustrated we get with some tutorials/showcases of handmade/scrapbooked cards because there is always some neat-o tool we are too poor to have. I do have an embosser that I love though. Other than that, no fancy schmancy tools here. (I'm really trying to be proud of being an Circut/Silhouette/Allothercutters Free Person....maybe tomorrow.)

Just over two months ago, Michelle had her baby, Olivia. I planned a bit of the shower and previewed the invitations on my blog before I left for Peru. I wanted to  to show you one of my gifts I gave her.

I figured with baby numero 2, making all the thank you cards she wanted to may not happen as easily or as promptly as she would like it to, so now all she has to do is write in them and mail them off! These cards are super easy to make and are definitely one of the most practical to give a new mom, particularly one who loves giving homemade cards.

All 10 paper patterns.

I used 25 pre-folded cards with envelopes by My Mind's Eye quite contrary by Jen Allyson & Zoe Pearn. I can't seem to find the exact pack anywhere, but scored the actual box of cards from Hobby Lobby in Austin, TX while visiting my friend Cara and making my inaugural trip to Hobby Lobby. (Can you believe there is not a single one in the state of Oregon?!) 

This collection fits Michelle's taste so well and it reminded me of the new baby's nursery, which is woodland themed. Then, I simply used a stamp that slightly matches the stamp on the invitations from Michaels. Using black ink on textured cream paper and adding a ribbon gave the cards a slight vintage look, but was simple and easy enough to do repeatedly to make a set.

She was tickled to get them and said that a couple of the patterns on the cards are so cute she wants to keep them instead of sending them away. My favorite on is pictured in the bottom right.

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