Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleeping in Midair

After yesterday's post, I became sort of hooked on posting ideas and inspiration for my future dream home on here as a convenient way to share and save ideas. Not getting rid of my little black book filled with inspiration from magazine clippings any time soon, but this is so easy. Plus, after yesterday's ooohhing and ahhing over book nooks, I came across quite a few suspended beds. I had never thought of this. Some of these are just nuts. Check them out.

(via Curbly)

So here's where it starts to get a little nuts. 3 in one room?!?

And the nut-so-ness becomes more so, with double bunk beds!!! They are so cool looking but I just can't help but feel they aren't too safe.

This next picture is precisely why these beds seem unsafe to me. So maybe they're an adults only thing.

(via Coastal Living)
I love hammocks. A ton. I love sleeping in them. I don't know why a suspended bed never occurred to me. But, then again, entirely suspended beds are not hammocks. They don't snugly hug you and sway in the breeze. In fact, I can only imagine, you should minimize all sorts of swinging if possible in these hanging beds. Maybe I'm just naive on this subject, but as naive as I may be, I'm a million times more fascinated.

Okay, so this site says that this bed pictured does not sway and is held completely rigid. Still, this one to me looks cool, but then you've got to think, what's the point?

This one's pretty neat. It's marketed as The Floating Bed and although quite spendy, can be used indoor or outdoor. You can simply unhook it from the ceiling to switch, as needed. (I'm going to guess "simply" may be an overstatement.)

(via Floating Bed)

And finally, for the Grand-Daddy of them all, the magnetic floating bed. Ta-da! The bed was designed and created by Dutchman, Janjaap Ruijssenaars. Its development took over six years with the final product being suspended by enough magnets to hold nearly one ton (1,984 pounds!). In order to ensure the bed doesn't float in any given direction, there are four thin cables tethered to the walls. If you're interested in buying one, make your check out for $1.53 million dollars. Not sure if that includes shipping.

(via OhGizmo!)

So, my apologies. Not sure where this turned into a tech/geek blog, but every now and then, it's quite nice to find some inspiration outside your normal functioning realm of operation. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, at the end of the Babble article (where all of the un-captioned pictures are from) it says that Lowe's can help you make your own suspended bed. Very interesting...Maybe I can check that out...someday.

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  1. I can only hope that $1.53 million includes shipping. It should at least be like, "Free shipping on all purchases over $1,000,000.00." That just seems fair.


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