Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daddy Day Inspiration

After getting into a fight with my sewing machine tonight, I decided to peruse blogland to brighten my mood. Morse (my sewing machine) is winning right now. Maybe he'll be in a better mood to cooperate tomorrow.

Father's Day is 19 days away and always sneaks up on me way too fast. That, combined with my dad being extremely difficult to give a gift to, makes the day before Daddio Day hectic. You can only do so many picture frames, he doesn't wear ties and I'm getting a little too old to finger paint anything for him.

My dad doesn't get out on the greens much, but I thought the idea below would be so great for the golfer dad or even wannabe golfer dad. The post has a free printable and tutorial on assembly! Check it out!

(via Tatertots & Jello guest post by Inspiring Creations)

I also thought this was a really cute idea and extremely customizable, depending on the goodies and movies dad likes. My dad is a movie junkie so this might be the winner.

(via While He Was Napping)

But, of all the things I saw, this just printable won my heart.

(via Homespun with Love)

I love the sayings on here. Hopefully, these offer a little inspiration and I'll share what I end up deciding on for my dad, before June 19th!


  1. Awesome ideas! I'm glad I have a husband I can make cute dad gifts for. You know... because Ellie isn't too crafty yet.

  2. These are great ideas! I can see why you love the printable!! I am your newest follower!
    Hugs, antonella :-)


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