Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Allow Me to Direct Your Attention to... 25 Before 25 List, as seen in the bar along the top of my blog, just under the title. I have had this posted for a little bit, but never mentioned it in a post.

I would be one rich girl if I had a quarter for every time someone uttered the phrase "life's too short" or "time flies." The movie Bucket List came out years ago and I love it. My bucket list isn't very developed, although I'm working on it. However, while riding on various buses for 10+ hours while backpacking in Peru, I thought a lot about different, simple things that I want to get done by the time I turn 25 on September 15, 2012. Hence, I created a 25 Before 25 List.

I tried to get a balance of physical, spiritual, emotional and just plain fun accomplishments in there, as well as incorporate the people I care about most into the events. They are in no particular order.


1. Make myself a skirt I love to wear.

2. Take a cake decorating class.

3. Open an etsy shop.

4. Go to Ireland.

5. Take a calligraphy class.

6. Read the entire collection of Calvin & Hobbes. (I splurged at Barnes & Noble when it was 50% off.)

7. Watch the entire Star Wars saga from beginning to end in one weekend. Hopefully, this one happens with my dad.

8. Complete 2 quilts.

9. Finish 4 scrapbooks.

10. Read the entire Bible.

11. Host a sleepover with my niece, Addison, complete with popcorn, her movie choice and sleeping bags. (This one will hopefully be a recurring one.)

12. Spend an entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon in a coffee shop reading, without feeling guilty about what else I could be accomplishing.

13. Start my retirement account and invest.

14. Have an animated Disney movie marathon with my best friends from college.

15. Go to Chocolate Fest in Portland, Oregon with anyone who wants to come.

16. Visit my birth town of Twin Falls, Idaho for the first time since I was born in 1987.

17. Have a girls night in with my sisters, complete with pizza and Ben & Jerry´s and one or two romantic comedies, as well as the yummiest of breakfasts in the morning.

18. Spend the night with my Grammy once a month.

19. Go to the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon with my mom and treat her to a spa day.

20. Be accepted into a grad school program.

21. Try windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge.

22. Volunteer regularly.

23. Start my own business.

24. Maintain a healthy weight. No more yo-yo-ing. Or in my case, yoooooo-ing only one way.

25. Get my tattoo.

This list is supposed to be fun and nothing worth stressing over. I am so excited to get some of these things done. I made it with the idea that none of these are so far fetched that I would be stressed over accomplishing them, as most of them just take an ounce of intention to get done. 

One of the first things I will be crossing off is "Take a cake decorating class," as my class starts tonight. Can't wait and I'm as excited as I used to get the night before school started!

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