Friday, June 24, 2011

#3 Take a cake decorating class. [✓]

If you've been following along these past four weeks, you'll know I completed the Wilton Decorating Basics Course at JoAnn Fabrics on Wednesday. As I mentioned, in my first post regarding cake class when I started, taking a cake decorating class is number 3 on my 25 Before 25 List: twenty-five things I want to complete before I turn 25 years old, a modified bucket list if you will. There is a page link under the title of my blog for future reference.

A Summary of My Wilton Decorating Basics Course in Pictures:

I have learned so much about baking and been introduced to so many new techniques. The class has given me far more confidence as a baker and decorator. I'm really looking forward to using my new skills in the future.

If you are interested in my 4 week adventure (classes and practice) through Wilton's Decorating Basics Course, see the following posts (listed chronologically):





If you want to know any more about the Wilton Decorating Basics Course, based on my experience, let me know. I love being able to check something off my list and am so happy I did it! This is the first thing I have crossed off! Next up, a calligraphy class (hopefully)!


    1. Thanks Kev! Anytime you need a cake, you know where to find Michelle and I. :)

    2. This is awesome! Thanks for commenting on my blog and sending me this way - now I'm even more excited about my next three classes since I've seen what all cool things I'm going to get to learn! Your cake with the cupcake on top (week two) is amazing!

      1. Thanks Caitlin! Hope you enjoy the rest of your class!


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