Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too Many Cakes, Still Not Enough Practice

I'm feeling fairly burnt out on cake baking and decorating after completing four weeks of Wilton's Decorating Basics Course. I do love it, but also need a bit of a break from making frosting and the entire storage/clean up process of making/decorating cakes at home. (Frosting bags really are the pits to clean out.) However, since I had frosting leftover from my final cake class last night, I figured I should not waste it and get a little more practice in. I also had left over batter from baking my final cake, so I baked a 6 inch cake with the what was left.

My sister, Hailey, said that the roses (particularly the color) remind her of the roses in Beauty and the Beast.

I used my cake leveler (that I love!) to split the little thing in half before building the dam around the edges with just a coupler in the icing bag, as shown below.

Since this cake was such a hit with its fresh blueberries in the vanilla pudding filling, I used blueberries again, but in a blueberry pudding. Pretty good, but I'm going to stick with vanilla pudding and whole fresh blueberries from now on.

Here's a tip: don't beat your cake mix for any longer than stated on the back of the box. Or else your cake will be hole-y. See.

Yesterday in my final class of Wilton's Decorating Basics Course, we learned how to make a Wilton Ribbon Rose. Pretty frustrating, so today I made 18 before getting 10 I liked being sick of not quite getting it.

They're not awful, I just wish the top edges weren't so frazzled looking. The two inside ribbon twirls don't look bad, but as the flower became bigger, I can't quite figure out what happens...If you know, give me some insight!

I had yellow and purple frosting left so I used a larger star tip to pipe a simple border. Then, using Wilton Tip #3 again, I made three dots around the side of the cake. It is by far my favorite part!

In addition to all the great techniques I learned, I also now know I wouldn't last a week in a high volume bakery. I am looking forward to getting back into sewing and hopefully some scrapbooking!

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  1. I'm in the Wilton 1 course and I'm struggling. My cupcake topper from week 2 was such a disaster lol! The cake was pretty good though. My trouble is with the frosting. I just cannot use anything with shortening (my motto is shortening shortens one's life). I made my own with organic butter. For my final cake, I will try coconut oil and see what happens with that. If I can get my roses to look half as good as yours, I'll be happy. Thanks for sharing.


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