Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Cake Day!

Wednesday night quickly became Cake Day at my friend Michelle's house, as our friends knew if they showed up, there would be cake to be had after class. So of course, for the fourth and final week of Wilton's Decorating Basics Course, my cake class finale payed tribute to that:

For our last class, we learned how to make a Wilton Ribbon Rose using Wilton Tip #12 for the base and Tip #104 for the petals. Talk about frustrating! It is definitely going to take some practice. Good thing I have plenty of frosting leftover that I should put to use.

Probably my best looking one.

We also learned how to pipe letters using Wilton Tip #3. Printing was much harder than cursive. I did the top of my cake in such as rush, as we were crunched for time when we finally got to decorate our cakes, which means I didn't practice. Oh well. Still tasted good!

I also missed the memo that we didn't need to tort both 8 inch cakes we baked, which means instead of matching everyone else's double layer with one filling, mine was a 4 layer cake! My first! Not too shabby, and the chocolate frosting filling was quite yummy and complementary to the yellow cake.

After frustration had mounted to the point of being done trying to make better roses, I rewarded myself with making my favorite flower as a border: rosettes. Unfortunately, I was not quite on top of my game in remembering that stiff consistency icing is used to make roses, so when I switched the tip in order to make the rosettes, the stiff consistency frosting didn't make the prettiest of rosettes. Medium consistency frosting would have made them smoother. Again, we were crunched for time.

I also (obviously) need to work on smoothing my sides better. In my defense, this cake did travel in rush hour traffic for 1.5 hours before decorating though, so I had to redo the sides when I finally arrived.

Well, that's that. The past four weeks have gone by so fast and I am so happy with everything I learned in Wilton's Decorating Basics Course!


  1. Cake day is fun. It shouldn't stop just because class did. :-)

  2. I know! I so wish it didn't have to and wish I didn't live so far away and instead in a world without having to work but just being able to create amazingness with you! That was a little sappy. But seriously.


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