Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Could I Forget?!

My first post seemed easy enough and yesterday I pondered what I should talk about next. I completely lost track of time yesterday, hence no post. Today, however, I remembered that I didn't even mention my interest in photography yesterday!

I have always loved photos and started scrapbooking in my early teens with my mom. A loyal owner of Canon Powershot point and shoot cameras, I simply enjoyed the convenience of fitting a camera in my pocket and capturing moments of life as it happened. Then, my good friend Michelle started borrowing a mutual friend's Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR camera. Wow. Here is one example of a picture she took that made me realize what a difference there is between my point and shoot and a SLR.

Copyright Michelle Waters
Theeeeen, Michelle's husband gave her the same camera for her birthday. I even got to experiment with it and take some pictures of Michelle and her adorable family. Granted, Michelle was the one who made sure the settings were all good to go since I had nearly no knowledge in such things. But seriously, how precious is this?

Could this get any cuter?
Anyways, I was hooked. For my college graduation in May, my dad gave me a Canon Rebel T1i for my birthday! To put it mildly, I was ecstatic.

I am in every sense of the word, an amateur photographer. My favorite subject to shoot is my niece, Addison. She is quite a ham most of the time, being the two and a half year old that she is, so it usually makes the pictures quite entertaining.

Here she is, at her best:

This past October, Michelle and I took a photography class, tailored to Canon Digital SLR camera useres, at the local community college and it was awesome. It made me miss going to school a bit, but I also now know how sweet it is to be able to take community education classes at local community colleges for cheap to learn skills I wasn't able to study at my university. Anyways, I'm considering doing a "Foto Friday" in order to encourage myself to use my camera every week, and not just during special occasions....We'll see.

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