Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bacon Pepperjack Cheese Wrapped Shrimp

I love bacon. I love pepperjack cheese. I love shrimp. 

I never considered combining them all, until I visited my friend, Cara, in Texas and we drove to Baton Rouge, LA to visit our friend, Kaycie two weekends ago. Anyways, we ate so much food that weekend, the first dinner being shrimp wrapped in peperjack cheese and bacon, then deep fried. Surprise, surprise. It was sooooooo good, I thought I would try to replicate it, minus the deep frying.

My first attempt was last Friday night when my mom came over, sort of by surprise. It was a disaster - I cooked the bacon too long before trying to wrap it so it was too hard and just broke into piece and I didn't use enough bacon.

Tonight, I bought pre-cooked shrimp because I was unsure of the cooking time for shrimp compared to how long the bacon would take. I also didn't want the cheese to be turned to a crisp while waiting for the bacon to cook. To combat this, I cooked the bacon on the stove until it was still soft, but nearly fully cooked. Then, I wrapped a piece of cheese around the shrimp, before wrapping the nearly, fully cooked bacon around it, securing with toothpicks. I used once slice bacon per shrimp. (Note: soak the toothpicks, or at least run under water to moisten, so they do not burn in the oven.)

I placed the 10 shrimp in a 13x9 glass dish and baked at 350 degrees F for about 8 minutes (or until bacon is at desired crispness and cheese has melted).

Can you imagine this deliciousness deep fried too?!

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