Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere

I have been wanting/meaning to start blogging for ohhhhh, let's see...at least half a year now. So, to finally begin, I'll explain how I became interested and why I plan on blogging. Ready?

Never one to turn down a sweet treat or scoff at the words "arts and crafts," I always say I have two sweet teeth (not just one sweet tooth) and I was always the first to the arts and crafts' table at summer camp or church events. That being said, I recently re-discovered my love for baking and crafting in college.

Once I moved off campus and had my "own" kitchen, I started baking a bit. To clarify, "own" meant it was in a rented house, shared with 6 other people! The oven was ancient and very difficult to predict how long something should bake for, regardless of suggested baking time. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved making treats and having my friends devour them. I wasn't too experimental, but did create a delicious brownie concoction that is requested often. It is too tasty and easy not to share on here soon! I love browsing through recipes online and I plan on sharing the treasures I find with everyone in blogland.

My last semester of college, I moved into a less crowded house with one of my best friends, Michelle. She received the book Hello Cupcake and we decided to make one of the creations from it. Below is a photo of our first cupcake:

Don't mind the yummy rainbow chip frosting in the background. It had nothing to do with the creation of this cupcake.

Of course, it doesn't look quite like the picture in the book, but even without proper decorating utensils, we loved making it and decided to start a blog to archive our cupcake endeavors. Well, I ended up not posting because I never made time to. However, Michelle has kept it up and it has morphed into a super cute blog you have to check out: The One with the Cupcakes! Her family is so adorable and she posts the cutest ideas (not just cupcakes, although there are plenty of those).

Despite not posting on the blog we thought we wanted to do together, I was enthralled with all that is blogland. I simply could not believe how many incredible ideas are out there! The crafting blog community is amazing. One of my favorite first blogs was My Longest Year. I loved reading about Crystal's endeavors, balancing being a mommy, a military wife, photographer and still finding time to sew. She was so inspiring to me and I loved the moments in her kids' lives she captures with her camera. I had never sewn anything in my life, but Michelle had experience and conveniently had just bought a sewing machine at a garage sale so we decided to make these aprons and oven mitts from Crystal's blog. The concept of tutorials online seemed genius to me. :) I LOVED going to buy the fabric and after Michelle and I were done with ours, we made our two other friends, Kaycie and Cara, aprons as well. Here we all our, looking domestic:

From the left: Michelle, Kaycie, Cara and me.

Since that first project, I have inherited a very old Morse sewing machine that had been sitting in my Grammy's garage. She couldn't quite remember who the original owner was and was certain it was not hers. After some sleuthing, my mom and I concluded it was my great grandmother's on my mom's side. I love it, quirks and all! I have completed a few sewing projects, with plenty more on the list. Recently, I have become very interested in quilting, but more on that later.

To wrap up, my plans for this blog are to share tasty recipes, as well as my craftventures with the rest of the blogosphere. It will also serve as a way for me to archive all the projects I do so someday I can utilize the 'blog to book' sites I see advertising for all over. That would be so sweet to have a book cataloged of projects/inspirations. Finally, I also hope you find some sort of inspiration from this blog!

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