Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pictures Have Arrived (Finally!)

Finally, finally, finally, I have some of my own pictures to share instead of having to google images to give each post a little color. They´re not with my fancy camera, nor have they had any editing, but at least I took them!

Since I have quite a few to share, I´m going to break them up into a couple posts according  to the areas of town they were taken.

First, here are some from exploring the Miraflores district which is northwest, 30-45 minutes walking distance, from Barranco. It is arguably the nicest distrcit in Lima. There are many designer shops, a boardwalk, fancy hotels and it is quite clean and mostly unstinky. That was all nice and well, but my favorite part of Miraflores was north of the main roundabout and park, where there is a large artisan market called Indio Market. I am sucha sucker for crafted goods. Plus, they have so many things made out of alpaca wool, and it is so soft!

The equivalent of City Hall (Municipalidad de Miraflores) is the yellow building and just past it on the right is the cathedral. Both buildings are right across the street from Parque Miraflores, which is to the right in this picture.

Restaurants on the east side of the Parque Miraflores, just past City Hall and the Cathedral.

I´ve realized, I really like water features. I just thought this one was so cool! It is on the north side of Parque Miraflores, across the street from City Hall.

Not the greatest picture of Parque Miraflores (technically split by the small road you see, into Parque Central and Parque Kennedy) but still, green grass, lots of trees, cobblestone, play structure, a small open air theater (not pictured) as well as some street artists around the fences (again, not pictured).

Pucllana is the name of this ancient ruin, which was once a pyramid from pre-Inca peoples. This dates back to at least the 4th century! Excavations are ongoing and you can tour the inside as well as walk around the top of the north side. (This picture is taken from the southside, through the gate that completely surrounds it.) It is hard to explain its scale and how big it actually is, but it takes up multiple city blocks and is literally surrounded by housing. I was just shocked it has not been destroyed or built over as Lima has expanded and developed.
 Stay tuned, more to come!

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