Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty´s Day from Peru!

You would never guess by looking at me that I´m of Irish heritage, however, my ancestors on my dad´s side traveled across the Atlantic from Ireland. Our last name used to have an O in front of it: O´Phelan (pronounced O fay len, I´ve been told). My Uncle Jerry has done a lot of research on our family´s ancestory and has our family name´s coat of arms and such.

I am not a crazy ´kiss me, I´m Irish,´get wasted on the 17th of March kind of girl, but I do appreciate my heritage, so I thought I´d share a little cartoon and saying I thought was cute.

As they say in the old country: 
If you´re lucky enough to be Irish,
you´re lucky enough.
No matter how far away you live,
no matter how distant your Irish ancestors,
Ireland will always be a part of you.
Thank the Good Lord.

And one more for fun and because I think the last sentence in particular fits where I´m at in life right now.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. That´s what happens when you use your camera phone and are photographing a page in a book!
 Through the ages, imagination has lifted the Irish
above life´s toils and troubles to the realms of
fairies, leprechauns, dragons, and mythic heroes.
Induldge your Irish imagination.
A flight of fantasy now and then provides
a healthy balance to the daily grind. 

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love that last line. I just might put that up somewhere! Love you and hope you found a good Guinness down there. Ha! Just kidding. Beer is gross. Lol.


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