Friday, March 18, 2011

Barranco: Mi Casa Away from Home

I´ve been in Lima for a week today staying at Casona Roja Backpackers, but it feels like forever. (In a good way!) So, I thought I´d share some more pictures of the area I´ve been living for the past 7 days.

This is the view from a small park Andy and I have gone a couple times to lay in the grass (there´s more to the right that isn´t a cliff!), play cards and people watch. As I previously said, do not be fooled, the water may look nice, but it´s dirty and the beach is stinky, as many parts of Lima seem to be.

This is the view from the coastal cliffs, but looking south. A couple days ago we so 3 or 4 parasailers swinging right along the coastline, close to buildings, as it was quite a windy day.

The view walking up from the beach before getting to la Puente de Suspiros, which is pictured below.

Apparently, I don´t have a picture of the small, slightly rickety Bridge of Sighs, but this is the view looking toward the Pacific Ocean from it, on to the walkway pictured above.
Awesome mustard colored church in the center of Barranco.

My friend, Andy, took this picture. I added it because 1) I think the bug, especially an old one, is funny looking [isn´t the new one coming out soon? Loved those Super Bowl ads!] and 2) it is just a fun shot, the car seemingly rolling to the ocean.

Well, that´s almost all the pictures from Lima. Tomorrow, I will post one more set of pictures from venturing into the center of the city, meaning lots of pretty churches and big old buildings.

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  1. I love the yellow church! Why aren't churches around here yellow? They would be more exciting that way. And I love the old bugs! Are they everywhere? In Mexico City that is almost literally the only type of car anyone owns. Miss you. Love you!


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