Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

A few weeks ago, I signed up at Happy Hour Projects to send a Valentine to a blogger and get one in return. Coincidentally, I was paired up with a blogger I knew, Andie, from Crayon Freckles. In fact, she was the very first blog to feature one of my projects!

Combining a very busy start to February and feeling like I was suffering of crafter's block, my actual card Valentine was the only handmade part of my gift. I framed a piece of work from one of my favorite artists, Katie Daisy and mailed it off...only to leave on an extended weekend vacation and have it returned because, silly goose here, copied Andie's address incorrectly. I mailed it a second time the day before Valentine's Day, which means it did not get there on time. I felt so bad.

I still feel bad because look how awesome Andie's gift was for me! Plus, it arrived right on time.

I absolutely love the colors and time put into it. Not to mention, if I had to pick 3 things to do for the rest of my life, those would be it: eat, pray, love.

Thanks so much, Andie! And so sorry about the tardiness again! Oh, and another thanks to Happy Hour Projects for hosting!

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