Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oregon to Texas to Lousiana...And Back...Again.

As I mentioned a while ago, I've been itching to travel again. Aside from dreaming up some big travel plans, I have been blessed to have a couple smaller, but wonderful vacations lined up for these first couple months of the year. The first trip was a week long to visit my best friends from college. I made this trip last year, but it was even better this time around because Michelle got to go, too! We started out by flying from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas, where Cara lives. Then, we road tripped to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Kaycie and her husband Erich live.

Finally, for the first time since June 2010 at Kaycie's wedding, all 4 of us were reunited. We spent time walking around Baton Rouge and New Orleans, playing card games and hanging out. We took a painting class through Corks 'n Canvas and saw Mike the Tiger at LSU. We didn't have enough hours in the day. [Apologies in advance for the dark pictures. They are all from my phone!]

After our weekend in Louisiana and a sad good-bye to Kaycie, Erich and dogs, we road tripped back to Austin. We accomplished lots more hanging out, shopping South Congress and more eating.

As it is with amazing friends, even though we have been apart for so long, it was as if nothing changed. Well, we were in the south, not dorm rooms on campus, eating so much fried food, not Commons food, but still talking late into the night and laughing over and over again. Next reunion can't come soon enough.

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  1. Love it! I should at least post my istagrams from our trip. So much fun!


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