Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addison's Memory Quilt

I fiiiiiinally finished Addie's memory quilt. I started cutting...let me think...two whole summers ago. Okay, now that we got that embarrassing fact out of the way, here's the pile of clothes I started with...

...that I widdled down (after a heckuva lot of cutting) to this...

Huge apologies for the insanely good camera phone picture here.

...which ultimately became this, front and back:

All of the clothes were part of Addison's wardrobe when she was 18 months and younger. My sister picked out the ones she wanted and then I based the size of each square on the piece of clothing that had the largest detail I wanted to include, which was the flower with the brown background for the height and the brown love heart for the width. Next, I cut the rest of clothing to match the flower and the heart.

For some blocks, I had to cut different parts of the clothing up to sew together to make blocks, like the puppy dog, the Trail Blazer and the pink flower seen below, because I could not cut a piece large enough from the clothing piece to match the size of the flower block.

Not all the blocks are the same material. A couple are corduroy (far top left below, with buttons), right next to that is a ribbed sweater, the apple is cotton, the snowmen and heart blocks are from fleece pajamas and the stripes are stretchy knit.

The polka dot border was made from her receiving blankets.

My sister chose the backing, which is a soft flannel. It's just so cute.

I gave Addison the blanket at her at her 4th birthday party. I'm making myself a high school one at some point.

I absolutely love it. I wish I had one from my babyhood.

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  1. What a great blanket and memories that you and her will have the rest of your lives. So sweet.

  2. I love this idea! I have made quilts using my son's sports jerseys and Tees... great way to remember always! So glad you linked with us at tip toe thru tuesday! Following you now!


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