Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summertime Swimming

My niece, Addison, has always loved the water. See her last year

And the year before, which may possibly be my favorite picture I have ever taken? 

Once again, to the grass' dismay, we set up the pool in our backyard.

She could play out here for hours.

I just love her little bum in a swimsuit. 

This year was her first year taking swim lessons. 

She sort of had a love/hate relationship with it. She loves being in the pool, just not being told what to do. Did you know she is an only child?

Mostly, the submerging of her head underwater was the biggest problem. I would guess this is the stickler for lots of kids learning how to swim.

 Some days, there needed to be a carrot on a stick in order to get through swim lessons.

She's definitely my niece.

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