Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sister's Graduation Announcements

My little sister, Hailey, is graduating this Sunday from Oregon State University. Guess who is speaking at her commencement? Michelle Obama! Pretty cool. I'm excited to go and just so insanely proud of Hailey. She is such a stud. I could go on and on. [Update: The First Lady's speech was awesome. Lots of very smart thoughts for grads and the general population alike. Here is a transcript of it and the video link.]

I haven't played around in Photoshop for a while and had a lot of fun designing her invitation. I downloaded some fun arrows from a Creature Comforts and stuck with OSU's colors. I love the arrows and can't wait to find ways to use them more! (There are more than the two seen here in the downloadable bundle.)

Fingers crossed the weather matches the weather report of no rain!


  1. Hi, I was wondering what 2 fonts you used on the bottom portion of the invitation? I really like them :)


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