Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Multi-Colored Cupcakes

My niece's 4th birthday was yesterday and she was just as excited as could be. I really love the age she is at right now. She doesn't ask for more and more gifts, but is simply giddy with jumping up and down excitement that she is four years old. This morning, she informed me that she is 4 and next she will be 5. I just love her to pieces. Here she is, sporting her new goggles for swim lessons this summer at her birthday lunch.

Such a goofball. After a birthday lunch, she got to tie-dye her own shirt with hot pink, purple, yellow and peacock blue in a spiral. Yes, she told me, peacock blue. That evening, we decorated cupcakes together. We made fun multicolored cupcakes for her to decorate and take to share with the kids at her babysitter's house today. It was quite easy and Addison just loved how they turned out.

To make these for the kiddos in your life (or kids at heart or in holiday colors), simply follow these steps.

Make whatever cake batter you wish (except chocolate), preheat your oven and put cupcake liners in your tin. Split the batter up into however many colors you would like to use. Then, dye the batter with the colors you want. We used Kroger neon dye.

Drop blobs (yes, that's a scientific term) of batter into each liner, layering your colors in the order you wish.

Bake according to directions. Allow to cool. Frost as you wish. And enjoy the surprise when you bite into one!

Carrying over her beliefs from being 3 years old, Addison the now 4 year old, believes in unlimited sprinkles. Really, you can never have too many. You should have seen how many sprinkles missed the cupcakes and saw their last days on the plate. And floor for that matter. Addison Lynn: Single-handedly keeping the sprinkle business in operation since 2008.

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  1. Looks like fun! I've been wanting to try doing this! And sounds delicious. I have a serious cupcakes craving right now...

    Happy Birthday, Addison! We love you!

    1. When are you not craving cupcakes? :) Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. These look so fun! My kids would go crazy for them! I am going to show them off at the weekend show off party tonight!



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