Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#18 Go to a NFL game. [✓]

How sweet is it when a friend texts you Sunday and asks if you could play hooky from work for half a day to drive 4 hours to watch some Monday Night Football, live at CenturyLink Field in Seattle for free? I couldn't say no and have a pretty darn understanding boss, so we road tripped up there.

Bundled up, we screamed lots with the loudest fans in the league to get the total opponent false starts since 2005 up to 112 or 113. Can't recall. I loved the energy, the abundance of fireworks, the spectacle that is a professional football game. I really couldn't believe how loud CenturyLink Field gets when the opponent (in this case, St. Louis) has the ball. Apparently, the highest decibel recorded at the Seahawks stadium is 112. Noise from a Boeing 747 is 130dB and the crowd gets down to 87dB when the Seahawks are on offense. It's all just nuts. So fun.

If you have read my 25 Before 25 List, you will know go to a NFL game is a current addition. I don't expect anyone to know what #18 was prior to the switcheroo, but had decided to make a few changes to the list, switching out the more on-going goals in favor of singular task-oriented accomplishments.

In this case, I swapped spend the night once a month with Grammy out and added something from my bucket list, go to a NFL game. My Grammy is still at the age where my spending the night at her house makes her feel like she has to do everything and "host" me, not let me help her make dinner or anything while I'm there. I've been able to spend a lot more time with her since I moved back to my hometown this past summer. However, she became a snowbird this year and is spending the next 3 months in sunnier weather, which means spending the night with her is an expensive plane ride away. Going to an NFL game has been on my bucket list mostly because I wanted to experience how different the fans are in comparison to NBA or MLB games. And that they are. It was a super fun game, Seahawks beating the Rams, 30-13.

Thanks a million Jo for so unexpectedly helping me check this off my list. You're the best!

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