Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear Addison (4 years, 5 months)

Dear Addison,

Last week was so bittersweet. I spent my last Friday in the United States for the next 9 months with you, momma, Auntie Sarah and Nonni watching Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream in the Rose Garden. You wore a Cinderella costume from the dress-up box at Papa's and were so excited to see the princesses.

I was excited to see the Disney on Ice show because I have very fond memories of Jasmine and Aladdin on the magic carpet when I was little, but watching you react to the show was even better.

Of course, you had to have some cotton candy.  A Disney On Ice experience wouldn't be complete without ingesting some sticky sugar.

The cotton candy conveniently came with a princess crown. Gosh, you are the cutest kid on the entire planet, in my opinion.

Oh Addison, I already miss you. Out of everyone I gave a see-you-in-nine-months hug to, you were easily the most difficult because I know you aren't quite old enough to understand why I am not going to be around for 9 months. By the time you read this, I am certain we will have had all sorts of conversations about the world, where I have traveled and why. I hope you cherish the postcards I send you and look up every place on the map. I already can't wait to hear your beautiful, sweet voice on the phone or see you giggle on Skype. You promised me you would be good for momma, eat lots of healthy food to grow strong like Raleigh and learn a lot in school. Don't forget it kiddo.

Love you always, forever and without a doubt,

Auntie Mal

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  1. Grow strong like Raleigh? That's quite a promise! (-:


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