Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear Addison (4 years, 4 months)

Dear Addison,

I visited you this weekend for the first time since you and momma moved to the coast. Your mom told me you were so excited for me to come visit this whole week and repeatedly asked how many days until Auntie Mal comes to visit. You even told me on the phone, "I have a whole bed for you at my house, Auntie Mal." I appreciate the whole bed and not a half bed. It makes me smile knowing how excited you were, but I want you to know I am equally, and probably more, ecstatic to see you every time I get to now that we don't live together any more. You are my world.

When I arrived at your new house, you showed me every room and told me which one was mine, the one with the whole bed in it. You also informed me, "My room is uh...a little messy." You can only imagine how true this was. I'm not sure I can exactly explain how perfectly at home I felt with you and your momma at your new place. I definitely miss you girls more than you know. We squeezed a lot into one weekend that ended up having a hint of a Halloween theme.

You proudly showed me the bumblebee costume you picked out. We made a chain countdown out of orange and black construction paper to mark the number of days left until you get to wear your costume. I cut the paper, you glued one end and made the loops. Then, we carved pumpkins. I take that back, I carved your pumpkin because as you said, "All the stuff inside the pumpkins seems pretty disgusting, so you can just scoop all the gross out of mine." You wanted Frankenstein and told me that my pumpkin needed to be the cat in the witch hat. Done.

On another Halloween related note, we ate at Arctic Circle and your kids meal box was a witch. You studied the witch for a few seconds and then said, "I thought witches were 'upposed to have molts on their cheek?" Molts. Yes. Clearly the witch on the box was not a true witch since she didn't have a molt on her cheek.

Finally, we went to see Hotel Translyvania. You were so excited and told me, "It will just be me and you at the feater." It was a really cute animated movie about Dracula protecting his daughter and monsters being scared of humans. Your favorite part was the scream cheese scene, which you already saw on TV during the trailers.

Oh right, you see that scab on your nose? You had a run in with the merry-go-round, but that's another story. I caught you picking at the scab a handful of times and here is one exchange we had:
     Auntie Mal: Stop picking at your scab.
     Addison: I am just scratching it.
     Auntie Mal: No scratching.
     Addison: I'm just rubbing it.
     Auntie Mal: No rubbing.
     Addison: Uhhhh....touching?

I was laughing so hard by the time you tried your last line. Really, I just didn't want to you to give your skin any reason to leave a scar on your pretty little nose. We did play at the park where you had the merry-go-round incident with Sadie girl never straying far from you.

We played Candyland. You cheat. The rules you make up are hilarious and although I know I should try to make you play correctly so that when you play a game with someone who does not love you as crazy much as I do, you will play the right way, I can't help but wait for you to make up yet another rule that, get this, moves you ahead of me. Way ahead. You win.

You are getting quite good at remembering songs and singing them. Your mom and I caught you humming Here Comes the Bride. We aren't quite sure where you picked that one up. There is a jingle mash up of random clips on many Disney movies you can rattle off like you're in a toddler rapping competition. I'm going to bug your mom to record you doing that. You even do voices sometimes. This weekend you had your pirate voice on and it was quite funny.

The most random conversation we had this weekend went like this:

     Addison: That old lady sure is crazy.
     Auntie Mal: Which one?
     Addison: I mean...never mind.

I have absolutely no clue who you were referring to or why you were thinking she was crazy.

Oh yes, how could I forget. You got a tattoo this weekend down on the bayfront. Apparently glitter tattoos are a thing now. It stays on for at least a week. Of course, you picked a unicorn and were so brave because to get the sticky on your arm, she had to rip it off like a bandaid. Stud muffin.

When we walked out on the dock to look at the sea lions after your tattoo, you informed me the one with its head tilted in the air is the chief. Good to know.

I cuddled in bed and read you stories before bedtime. We read 3 different Disney princess books and every time the princess and prince kissed, you giggled. When did this start?! No kissing boys, okay? That is a topic for another letter, as this one is getting quite long.

I wish every weekend could be jam packed with Addison goodness because you make me so happy. In a month, I am leaving the country for a while and really hate the thought of not being able to squeeze you in my arms. I am really going to miss you. Even though you've promised me you will talk to me on the phone and Skype with me, being away from you is going to be one of the hardest parts of adventuring abroad. I even despised saying goodbye to you this weekend.

Love always, forever and without a doubt,

Auntie Mal

P.S. Please don't judge the quality of these photos. My phone is outdated already. Silly technology.

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