Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ah, Those Blissful Beach Bum Days

So this has been life for the past 13 days, as of Saturday. Tough, I know. We were in a little town called Huanchaco, just outside of Trujillo.

New best friends.

We have been living the beach bum lifestyle since the 27th of March or so. Andy has been surfing nearly every day for $5 a day for surf board and wet suit. (Yes, we aren't qutie in paradise, as the water is too chilly to surf sans suit.) I've tried it a couple days and am quite a disaster on a board. I've decided, my best bet is to stick with sports involving a ball.

We are staying in a hostel right on the beach called Surf Hostel Lily. It is a little more expensive ($7 per night) than the ones not on the beach ($4 per night) but we couldn´t resist. It´s hard to say no to waking up, sitting up in bed and seeing the ocean, not to mention falling asleep to the waves hitting the beach.

Our view from the patio off our room!

We really have just milked the beach bum role for all it´s worth, to the point where I was ready to dooooo something other than try to surf. I mean, when your biggest complaints are your peeling/itcy sunburn and a bug in your burger, you know life´s good.

I couldn´t help but take the following picture.

Now really, how much shade is this providing? Don´t you just have to laugh.

I love this picture. They sat like this for so long. We outlasted them on the beach, but the fact that they left the umbrella like this was just hilarious. The wind wasn´t even blowing that bad. The best part of the whole thing was watching them try to pack it back into the bag it was originally in. That, and just getting off the beach with their canes. I hope I´m old and hogging the shade from my loving husband in a foreign country someday.

Next post will be the only other thing we did while on the coast, which was a visit to some pre-Incan ruins of the Chimu people. Don´t worry, we actually made it to them, unlike our Chavin adventure.

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  1. I have to say I'm pretty happy you're safe and sound on the beach and that you actually made it to a destination with minimal peril (or danger thereof). But what I really wish is that you were here making cake pops or crafts or something and blogging about that instead.
    Miss you!


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